PT. Yosomulyo Jajag

6th Floor, Yosindo Building
JL. Rajawali 84
Surabaya 60164

PHONE:    +62 31 3536750 (Hunting)
FAX:         +62 31 3530735
ZONE:       GMT +7


About Surabaya
Surabaya is Indonesia's second largest city (after Jakarta) and is the capital of East Java province. With a population of 3 million, Surabaya is the main business, trading, industry and education centre to Eastern Indonesia.

The Seaport
Located at Latitude 07' 13.0' S, Longitude 112' 44.0' E, Tanjung Perak Port is the main seaport of Surabaya and the second busiest seaport in Indonesia. The port serves both container and bulk cargoes for international and domestic activities. The port has implemented the ISPS Code (international code for the security of ship and port facilities) and has obtained the SoCPF (Statement of Compliance of Port Facility) certification.